United States Sports Betting Coming Soon

Sports gamblers in the United States won a victory last week when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against a Federal ban on sports gambling opening the doors for regulated sports betting within state borders. This is a big win for sports bettors and sportsbooks alike. People have already been betting on sports games from offshore casinos and online sportsbooks operating from outside the United States but without regulation, oversight and protection.

The major league sports leagues are reacting differently to the reversal on sports betting. MLB and NBA are both wanting a 1% integrity fee to be placed on all sports bets while the NFL is not seeking the 1% integrity fee. The idea that allowing sports betting would create the opportunity for players to change the outcome of a game has long since been one of the main reasons why major league sports organizations have opposed regulated sports betting.

Regardless of how the details are ironed out one thing is for sure. States now have the ability to legalize and regulate betting on sports within their state. This comes after New Jersey won its case against the Federal ban getting the Supreme Court to reverse its position. With this new law passing in these last couple weeks the United States sports betting industry is set to grow rapidly and within the regulation and protection that is much needed for online sports gamblers.

Gambling guides such as gambling.site have been hosting reviews of only sportsbooks which allow UK, Canadian and European sports gamblers but have not offered reviews of sportsbooks that allow US bettors due the prior existing federal ban on sports gambling in the USA. UK sports betting has been regulated by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gaming Commission) for years already and people in the United Kingdom have been able to place sport wagers at legal and regulated sportsbooks.

Now we should see online sports gambling in the USA begin to grow and flourish just as online casinos have seen impressive growth in New Jersey and other states that have regulated online casino gambling. Stay tuned for more news on this evolving sports betting change and how it will impact you.

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